Southern Sealing Services provides quality, professional asphalt sealcoating for commercial customers throughout North Alabama. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we offer fast, professional service and free estimates for all your commercial parking lot needs.

What is Sealcoating?

Seal coating is a preventative maintenance for your parking lot or other paved areas. It’s much like staining your deck at home to protect the wood from damage. Seal coating protects the asphalt from the elements and extends the use of driveways, parking lots, basketball courts, and other paved areas. 

We use Polytar Sealant from GEMSEAL.  It is the longest lasting sealer on the market with over 30 years of proven performance.  It has better wear resistance and stronger adhesion with up to twice the durability of conventional pavement sealers. It is ideal for high traffic asphalt parking lots, airfields, and driveways.

What is the Process?

Our first step with any asphalt seal coating job is to clean it, which includes sweeping off debris, removing any weeds, and cleaning the entire area. Next, we may recommend an application of crack-filling material to any cracks that are more than a half inch wide.  After that, we will apply two coats of the Polytar Sealant to the entire parking lot.